Olive Wood Nativity Set #NA104

Olive Wood Nativity Set #NA104


This beautiful nativity set is handmade in the Holy Land from sustainably harvested, authentic Bethlehem Olivewood. Using only non-productive olive trees from Holy Land, this handmade piece reveals the stunning grain patterns of raw olive wood, free of any additives or sealants. The figures include Mary and Joseph and Jesus, the three wise men, and three good shepherds. The animals include the donkey, the cattle cow, and three lambs and three camels. This complete set comes with an olive wood collapsible stable and the Silent Night musical.

This item includes a certificate of authenticity verifying the materials and techniques used to make this product.

Size: 30.50 cm x 50 cm x 39 cm (12” x 19.50” x 15.25”)

Figures Size: 27cm (10.60″)

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Weight8.000 kg
Dimensions12 × 19.50 × 15.25 in