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    Bethlehem Olivewood Twist & Pull Corkscrew #KI136

    This hand-turned keepsake corkscrew will last a lifetime, and makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and the raw beauty of natural materials.Connoisseurs will note that this item it is fashioned in accordance with the original wine opener design that was patented by Rev. Samuel Henshall in 1795 in Oxford, England.As this product serves a function, it was crafted with durability in mind to ensure that it is well worth your investment for years to come. The handle was turned from a single block of sustainably harvested, genuine Bethlehem Olivewood, which was drilled, tapped and screwed to a 3.5 inch polished, stainless steel worm. This length renders it sufficient to effectively pull out any type of cork, while its robust ¼” diameter makes it strong enough to twist and pullout the most stubborn of corks. Moreover, the worm’s hollow-center allows it to easily penetrate corks without sacrificing their structural integrity – allowing multiple use of corks and preventing debris from entering your wine.Bethlehem Olivewood is an exotic material that has a smoother finish than nearly any other hardwood, and its starkly contrasting grain pattern never fails to impress. As Bethlehem Olivewood is a product of nature, each corkscrew has a one-off, individual grain pattern.This item includes a certificate of authenticity verifying the materials and techniques used to make this product.Size: 3 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (1.15” x 4” x 4”)