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  • 5 Pack Milk Grotto Rock Powder

    MILK GROTTO ROCK POWDERJust behind the Church of Nativity in the Holy City of Bethlehem, lies the Milk Grotto Church. This church was built to honor Mary, the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ.The Virgin Mary abandoned the nearby Church of the Nativity shortly after her birth and hid in the Milk Grotto with her newborn baby while en route to Egypt to escape King Herod’s massacre of all of the male children of Bethlehem that were born during the time of Christ’s birth.While the Virgin Mary was nursing her child, a drop of her breast milk landed on the rock where she was sitting, turning it into an infinite source of miracles.The Monks at the Monastery later ground this rock into a fine powder and mixed it with water or milk, only to discover that when consumed, it had an ability to make infertile couples conceive children.This is a reoccurring miracle that continues to happen again and again. In fact, the Church receives testimonies and photos from around the world on a daily-basis, which placate the walls of the Church attesting to the power of the powder.Some of these testimonies even identify other ailments, such as cancers, which the rock powder miraculously cured.WATCH THESE VIDEOS FOR MORE DETAILS:Exploring the Milk Grotto Part 1: the Milk Grotto Part 2: the Milk Grotto Part 3: