Merchandise Shipping Policy


Holy Land Olivewood’s workshop is based in the ancient city of Bethlehem.

For logistical purposes, we also possess a warehouse and distribution center in Houston, Texas – USA.

We are making an effort to keep our US-based warehouse supplied with a wide variety of our products, so that we can provide rapid delivery to our customers in the western hemisphere.

When customers in North, Central and South America place an order with Holy Land Olivewood, an electronic request is sent to our US division. If the requested items are in stock, our US branch will post them to you. When this is the case, you can expect your shipment to arrive in 4-8 business days.

If an item is not available in the US, a request will be referred to our headquarters in Bethlehem, and we will ship this item directly to you from our factory. In such circumstances, an additional 5-10 business days are required to deliver the item.

Transactions for customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia are processed in and shipped from Bethlehem.

All of our shipments are insured and tracked.