Olive Wood Jewelry Box #BX105

Olive Wood Jewelry Box #BX105


This elegant jewelry or rosary box is handmade in the Holy Land from sustainably harvested, authentic Bethlehem Olivewood. Using only non-productive olive trees from Holy Land, this handmade piece reveals the stunning grain patterns of raw olive wood, free of any additives or sealants. It is a perfect method to keep your jewelry or any other personal mementos. Red felt covers both the outside bottom as well as the inside bottom of the box.

This item includes a certificate of authenticity verifying the materials and techniques used to make this product.

Size:  11 cm x 18 cm x 4.5 cm (4.25” x 7” x 1.75”)


Additional information

Weight0.220 kg
Dimensions4.25 × 7 × 1.75 in